DeLong Takes Down Douthat

Brad DeLong is disgusted with Ross Douthat for making the following assertion:

"FOR a week after the Newtown shooting, the conversation was dominated by the self-righteous certainties of the American center-left…"

What a crazy thing to say! No one would have jumped on an event like this to push their pre-existing policy agenda. In fact: "No, Ross Douthat. For a week after the Newtown shooting the conversation was dominated by grief, terror, and sorrow."

"What kind of a sociopathic nut writes such a lead?"

And we can turn to the writings of DeLong himself to show how wrong Douthat is. Look at the outpouring of sorrow and grief in the very first post he wrote relating to the shootings.

Ouch, wait a second! That post had nothing to do with grief, terror, and sorrow. It was a heavily sarcastic post using the shooting to push DeLong's pre-existing policy agenda.

Well, at least in his second post related to the shootings he didn't do that.

Gulp! No, his second post also used the shootings to push his pre-existing policy agenda.

I guess my title should have been "DeLong Takes Down DeLong."


  1. I searched through all the links you provided and there was not one post about the shooting on DeLong's blog on December 14th. Simply typical economics and politics posts and then on the 15th, he came out with the post about libertarian automatic weapons safety. The opportunists are everywhere, no matter what side of the political spectrum you're looking at. All of them are scumbags in my opinion and should be exposed, even if I happen to agree with a lot of what they're saying.

    It's my theory that a lot of people in the media want to indirectly encourage more of these types of tragedies to happen as it will give them the means to peddle their agenda, like on the various news channels. Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz did the exact same thing and after a few days, went to Newtown themselves and did their specials even as the people up there were still grieving. They could probably care less about a town they had never heard of prior to the incident or the victims and just did so they would have higher ratings for their respective programs. Disgusting. Keep up the excellent work.

  2. I think DeLong was trying to make Douthat look like a jerk, but ended up making himself look like a jerk.

    1. "ended up making himself look like a jerk"

      Or in other words, Brad Delonged himself. It is not a porno.

  3. DeLong:Callahan::Krugman:Murphy


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