Stupid Human Tricks, Part LXVII

Here is a fun game to play:

Choose a thinker whose ideas you instinctively don't like.

Root around in their biography until you find something unsavory. (It will be there, don't worry.)

Now, you can discredit that person without even having to bother with their ideas! Watch:

"Keynes didn't like Jews!"

"Oakeshott was a womanizer!"

"Jefferson kept slaves!"

"Mises said nice things about Mussolini!"

"Marx was very dirty and neglected his children!"

Why, once you've seen this enough, you might almost start to imagine that we are all fallen sinners.


  1. Anonymous1:33 PM

    To be sure, I never discount somebody's contributions due to their human failures. Certainly, we all have attributes to our character that others may find unsavory, but that is no reason to discount the things that we excel in. There are many people who I dislike or find disagreement with, but I find it more useful to find the good and the agreement instead.

    As we've talked about before, there are a lot of libertarians that dislike you merely based upon your rejection of libertarianism. I was initially very close to being this close-minded myself (the whole peer-pressure thing). However, I then realized my folly, and found that 1) you aren't a bad dude (a little harsh sometimes, but not bad), 2) you have much to contribute, and 3) I've actually learned quite a bit from you.

    It's funny how it is almost in our nature to reject those that do not conform into our own system of thought, and one often has to do a self-analysis to ensure that it isn't themselves that is being irrational.

    1. "that dislike you merely based upon your rejection of libertarianism."
      Non-sequitur. We're listing *failures* here.

  2. "Marx was very dirty and neglected his children!"

    Is this also a criticism of Rousseau?


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