A pricing puzzle

Notice the difference in price between the lunch special without the egg roll and the lunch special with the egg roll:

The additional cost for an egg roll varies between $.20 and $.60. In every case you get the exact same egg roll, and the exact same amount of work goes into getting it to you: they just take one and stick it on the side of the plate your dish comes on.

Now think about this: rather than just putting on the menu something like "Egg roll $.40 extra" somebody had to sit down and think about exactly how much extra the egg roll should cost for each lunch special. And then had to direct the printer to print an extra column.

Why in the world did they do this? Any guesses?


  1. length of time it takes to create the meal?

    1. Frederick, that could explain different meal prices. I am asking why adding an egg roll is priced differently for different meals. Putting an egg roll on the side of the plate always takes the same amount of time!

  2. When the egg roll is $.20, the meal will also be cooked in the fryer. When it is $.60, they only fire up the fryer for the egg roll. When it is intermediately priced, they could cook the meal either way.

  3. (Recent Chinese lunch, me to waiter)
    me: The Mongolian chow fun--does that include soup?
    wr: No, no includes include soup.
    me: But the #3 plate is any dinner dish plus soup, at the same price as Mongolian chow fun, right?
    wr: Yes.
    me: OK, I'll have the #3 plate with Mongolian chow fun.
    wr. Yes.


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