Nature: Such a slob!

I'm reading a gardening magazine right now, and I had to laugh out loud at the following letter to the editor:

"Why do the needles on my pine tree drop every year? It makes such a mess."

If I were the editor, I would've responded, "Sir, just get up there in the tree with some crazy glue and fix each needle to the branch grows on. Problem solved!"

I guess that's why they'll never let me edit a gardening magazine.


  1. Anonymous7:04 PM

    This is like asking "why do people deficate?", "why does autumn exist?", "why do dogs shed?".

    I certainly don't mind if it is a 5 year old kid asking such question, but ...

  2. 5-year-old, shive-year-old, Gene, if I ever come to power, you'll be up in that tree with crazy glue, trust me.


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