They are a strange place to appreciate art if you think about it. A painting like the one below is, I think, they kind of thing that should be on the wall of your study or in your living room for years. It is something to be slowly savored, but in a museum setting you must hurry up to it, "consume" all of it you can in 30 seconds, and then move on. It is kind of like playing Bach on super-fast-forward speed to get through all of his works quickly.

On the other hand, "The Starry Night" is such a high-impact painting that it works at museum speed. Did Van Gogh realize this would be the case, or was it just fortuitous?


  1. A better way to go through a museum is to peruse all of the art very quickly and decide which pieces you'd like to spend some time with. You don't HAVE to have quickies at the museum.

    1. Even then, it is forced. Rather than simply living with a work of art, you sit and "consume" it. With your method, I find myself thinking, "OK, have I consumed enough starry night yet?"

  2. Anonymous12:07 AM

    That may be, but really I just think that Van Gogh saw things in a very strange way, but that even with its strange perception, it still resonated with most people.

    One of the arts that I am least drawn to is that of painting, but I still find that guys like Van Gogh, Munch, and Monet had a way of reaching those who weren't necessarily into that particular art.


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