Exploring Python

Following this lead, I have begun learning Python. So far I find the language OK, if sometimes a bit "constricting." The interactive environment I love. But:

1) The object-oriented features are kind of kludgy. The whole thing with having to declare self as a parameter to an objects functions and prefix it before addressing its variables reeks of "This was retrofitted in with duct tape."

2) But the worst: Relying on indentation to determine blocks. Ooh, that is painful. Ninety percent of the execution errors I have hit have been the result of a tab innocently creeping in where I needed four spaces. Terrible decision.


  1. Have you tried Krait--"The Deadliest Language"--(not to be confused with the Qualcomm CPU)? Krait enters a subordinate level of processing by killing the level above; thus it is always at the top of the execution; there is no return possible.


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