The University of Oregon Spends $68 Million on a Football Training Facility


Meanwhile, more than 60% of their teaching staff are in non-tenured positions, with many making the equivalent of $12 per hour.

But hey, there is no money in the budget to pay more than that!


  1. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Sadly, there probably isn't money in the budget to pay more than that.
    The performance center was paid for through a donation from Phil Knight, a founder of Nike, an Oregon alumnus and a longtime benefactor of the university.

    He's only a benefactor of the University Athletics, though. The University of Oregon can say yes or no to these projects, but Phil Knight is in control of the money and the architects. The NYT Article makes the excess of the UO football program clear. Next time someone tells you that college football players ought to be paid, show them this.


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