"We live in a world of incredible material diversity"

Or so the guy on the Nova special told me.

Compared to what, I wonder. The other worlds this fellow has lived in?

UPDATE: Oh my God. I watched about two minutes of the show, which is called Hunting the Elements. I hadn't thought about chemistry in a while, I thought it might be interesting to delve into it for a bit. But apparently Nova thought that having some whiny, sniveling idiot named David Pogue make stupid jokes throughout the show would make science more interesting. He was completely unbearable, however interesting the subject matter was.

UPDATE II: By the way, I am sure David Pogue is not really an idiot. The point is, rather, that he thinks we will like science better if he acts like a complete idiot while someone else explains science.


  1. Anonymous2:36 AM

    ",,. we like science better if he acts like a complete idiot"

    You don't get out much, do you?

  2. What if you had to choose between Pogue explaining chemistry, or Jeff Goldblum explaining biology? (That's a reference, people. I've been reading this blog for years.)

    1. Anonymous12:09 AM

      I'm pretty sure that it was chaos theory (the Goldbloom thing).

  3. How many ions are composed in full dissolution of Fe, nitrosyl, and cyanido? Which ones taste good?


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