Well, I Guess I'm a Jets Fan...

at least until I lose my hat.

You see, my dermatologist insists that, with my extreme palosity, I keep my head covered in the sun. In the summer, that means something lightweight, of course. And so I buy baseball caps. And then I lose them. And so on.

What I look for when I go to buy my, say, 23rd replacement cap, is that the logo not be too stupid or offensive. So I don't buy the cap that says, "If you fight me, you're fighting the whole trailer park."

And last time out, I picked up a Jets cap. It simply was big enough and met the above criteria.

But when I wear it, people constantly want to talk about the Jets. I'm tired of explaining all of the above, so instead Sunday I watched the Jets. And I guess I will for the rest of the season.

By the way, those two TD passes by Smith were something, weren't they?

(You see, it is working already.)


  1. Anonymous6:16 PM

    I don't wear many hats, but I do have a few, and a few of those are old Navy ball caps (the one from my "A" school, my first ship, my second ship, ships that I've visited, and my "green cap" from when I was a member of the Combat System Training Team).

    As you could imagine, many conversations come up when I wear these. I don't necessarily do it for that purpose, but I will say that almost all of the conversations that I've had are all very interesting. These conversations usually begin one of three ways: those that wish to "thank you for your service", those that wish to denigrate for my "service", and those who are also veterans (this one is an instant conversation starter).

    But I don't think that I'll use anywhere near the same tactic you're using here.


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