A Siri design flaw

One of the most annoying things about Siri is that the system tends to work very quickly, or fail very slowly. If Siri is going to get roughly what you're saying, the text usually pops up very quickly. (I use the system mainly for dictation, so I am waiting to see text on screen.) But when Siri is going to fail to get anything out of what I spoke, that failure often takes 20 or 30 seconds.

This behavior is the exact opposite of what I want. Of course, I am happy with a fast success. But I wouldn't mind waiting a while if that is what it took to actually get my words "typed." On the other hand, if the system is going to fail, I'd like it to fail right away, so I can start typing while I still remember what I was saying.

Would it be possible to fix this? I am not privy to the technical details of the system, but the failures seem to occur mostly when my network connection is weak. The fix that occurs to me is to immediately do a rough check on the connection strength and a quick estimate of the likelihood of success. If the probability of success falls below some threshold, just fail immediately, rather then repeatedly trying to do the voice recognition for 30 seconds, only to fail in the end anyway.


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