Does Anyone at Google Own an iPhone?

If so, have they ever used Blogger on it? Because it just works stunningly badly. Last night I tried fixing a post title from my phone. First of all, the "Edit" button itself is a very hit or miss affair: from my phone I find that well over half the time it simply does nothing. Well, this time, it kind of loaded my post for editing: the title came up, but the post body window was empty. "Surely just a display problem," I told myself. So I fixed the title and saved.

Nope, not just a display problem: the body of my post was wiped out. Crap like this happens all the time trying to use Blogger from a phone. Oh, and commenting is even worse: once you do anything other than type in the comment box (like, say, scrolling the screen) the comment box stops accepting input: you have to click on "Done" on the phone's interface, then put the cursor back in the comment box to enable typing again.


  1. Yeah, I'm on the iPad and it took me fifteen minutes to figure out how to comment on your post offering the Ron Paul bet. Also, trying to scroll down in a comment box is a dismal failure.

    1. Maybe Google employees are all forced to use Android devices?


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