It's a Web, OK?

As someone who worked on a hypertext system before the Web was created, I am always amazed by "Web" designers who simply do not get the idea that created the beast at all. I am looking up some travel information, and hit two sentences in quick succession, one saying:

"Please visit our conference website,"

and the next saying:

"Please visit X College website,"

with neither sentence containing a link! If you want me to visit a WEBsite, you could take advantage of the features of the WEB, and put in one of those silken strands that leads me from your site to the one you are instructing me to visit!


  1. Which is why you decided to leave off links to these examples, right? ;-) j/k

    A similar peeve: I saw a car dealership site that had an "internet sales division", and when you click on the link to it, the entire content is, "Call Jenny at [phone number] for internet sales."

    Yeah ... I don't think they grasp the concept.

    1. Silas, I left out links to the examples because I did not want to embarrass the creators of those particular web sites, but to complain about a general problem. But your smiley makes me suspect that you understood that.


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