You Know What I Hate?

I know you were just thinking, "I wonder what Gene Callahan hates?"

Well, let me tell you: web browsers that, instead of getting the layout set and then beginning to display things, rather show you stuff, and then keep fidgeting with the layout as they load more stuff. What typically happens is I see a link I want, but as I go to click on it... the browser decides it needs to move things, and I click on something completely different.

Well, at least that's how I explain it to my wife when she finds me on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit pages.


  1. Is it the web browser or the website showing that behavior? If it is the browser, which one are you using?

    Back in Web 1.0, I made my website using tables to avoid that behavior. I don't really notice it now that I have a very fast connection since pages load in less than a second but back in the 14.4 days, the behavior you describe was very common.

    1. Hmmm... the browser, I suppose, always could wait, but the site has some control over this too, I guess. Anyway, I use mostly Chrome and Firefox, depending on which crashed more often the previous day.

  2. "... Sports Illustrated swimsuit pages."

    That's all? Come on man, this is the internet.

    1. And this is a family blog, Joe.


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