Help the Victims Rebuild... Inland

The victims of Sandy should be helped to rebuild their homes.

But for many of them, their should be a string attached: move inland. These storms have been getting worse, and the odds seems to be high they will keep doing so. I don't think it was ever sensible to subsidize beach construction, economically or environmentally. However, it is getting less sensible every year.

See the Wall Street Journal on the topic here.


  1. That's what happened here in Houston after Ike. But I'm sure in 10 years without a hurricane, everybody will forget and demand things relax, and they will start building up the beaches again.

    Don't agree with you about the whole climate change thing, but whatever the case, it really is stupid to build expensive things on beaches, especially when you do it on the cheap and don't protect it. Galveston proper has a large seawall, which is advisable. The properly built structures here have survived over a century of this stuff.

    I'll take a properly-designed and well-built structure over insurance any day.


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