Hurry Up and Faint

I'm waiting on the platform for the 4 or 5 express. One 4 train is rolling in immediately, and the sign says another is due in two minutes. So what do New Yorkers do? Shove into the first train until they are packed like... Well, sardines don't even tolerate packing this close:

Me? I waited two minutes, and got to sit the whole ride to Brooklyn.


  1. Sort of similar experience myself: I used to take the "transbay" buses in the morning from Berkeley/Oakland to San Francisco. But for some reason, two different buslines are scheduled to pick up at roughly the same spots, just 2 minutes apart.

    So one day I saw the first of the two arrive, but I was across the street from it and figured, "what the heck, just take the next". But then the driver saw me and decided to be (what he regarded as) nice, waited for me to cross the street and board, so I obliged -- but the next one would have been less croweded...


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