What a Messed Up Way to Win!

J.J. Adande writes: "But those were teams that were better defensively, not as dependent on simply outscoring their opponents."

The Lakers of old were so good defensively that they could score fewer points than their opponents and still win. But these slackadaisical Lakers of today actually need to outscore their opponents before they record a victory.


  1. Pretty solid pick up there, Gene. Although, I must also admit, it is fairly common vernacular, at least from my fan based experience, to hear basketball analysts or commentators make that particular statement. Replace "dependent" with "focused", and it should make more sense. You'll hear the same statement in hockey dialogues as well, sometimes.

    What's funny about those older Lakers teams with Shaq was that Phil Jackson's defensive strategy was, "just figure it out". He let those guys have complete defensive rein. I heard him say that particular quote this week. My jaw dropped when I heard him say that.


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