What the *&#*$ Is This?

I was texting with one of my sisters about Thanksgiving plans. I pocketed my phone. About five minutes later I pulled it out of my pocket to see if I had a new message. Instead, the box where I fill in text was filled with the following -- and it had been empty when I pocketed the phone:

Allora frangirumore maggior parte di un test? Colui al quale ore svitai a chi in Afghanistan in assenza un bacio? Dispregiarmi unaqui sono nuovo

Trying to translate this from a couple of dictionaries, I get something like:

Then breaker noise most of a test? He to whom hours unscrewed to those in Afghanistan without a kiss? Dispregiarmi here are in a new

(The above involves breaking a couple of the words up into meaningful component pieces.)

OK, what the heck happened here? Auto-correct of nonsensical, accidental typing, you suggest? Well, that would be an excellent explanation... except auto-correct is turned off! (I couldn't get it to stop auto-correcting half in Italian and half in English.)

Here is what I think happened: Salvatore from The Name of the Rose picked my pocket, typed a message, and then slipped the phone back into the same pocket:

UPDATE: My friend Frank explained it: I accidentally hit the voice recognition button as I put the phone in my pocket. I was having a conversation and it tried to interpret these muffled sounds. Because my phone is in this weird half-Italian half-English limbo, it stuck in a mix of Italian and English words.


  1. No, I think it's a text from Bob Murphy with his best argument against your IP post.

  2. You have multiple personality disorder and one of your other personalities typed the message.

  3. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Ok, now that we've got that out of the way, back to all Stravinsky all the time. Right?

    1. I'm getting back to it already.


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