What the *&#*$ Is This?

I was texting with one of my sisters about Thanksgiving plans. I pocketed my phone. About five minutes later I pulled it out of my pocket to see if I had a new message. Instead, the box where I fill in text was filled with the following -- and it had been empty when I pocketed the phone:

Allora frangirumore maggior parte di un test? Colui al quale ore svitai a chi in Afghanistan in assenza un bacio? Dispregiarmi unaqui sono nuovo

Trying to translate this from a couple of dictionaries, I get something like:

Then breaker noise most of a test? He to whom hours unscrewed to those in Afghanistan without a kiss? Dispregiarmi here are in a new

(The above involves breaking a couple of the words up into meaningful component pieces.)

OK, what the heck happened here? Auto-correct of nonsensical, accidental typing, you suggest? Well, that would be an excellent explanation... except auto-correct is turned off! (I couldn't get it to stop auto-correcting half in Italian and half in English.)

Here is what I think happened: Salvatore from The Name of the Rose picked my pocket, typed a message, and then slipped the phone back into the same pocket:

UPDATE: My friend Frank explained it: I accidentally hit the voice recognition button as I put the phone in my pocket. I was having a conversation and it tried to interpret these muffled sounds. Because my phone is in this weird half-Italian half-English limbo, it stuck in a mix of Italian and English words.


  1. No, I think it's a text from Bob Murphy with his best argument against your IP post.

  2. You have multiple personality disorder and one of your other personalities typed the message.

  3. Ok, now that we've got that out of the way, back to all Stravinsky all the time. Right?

    1. I'm getting back to it already.


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