The New Center of Brooklyn


  1. Anonymous11:17 PM

    Ah, yes. Much more regal than "The Prog" or "The Q", I must say.

    Hey, didn't Jay-Z play there. LOL

    As is the case with all of these deals, a lot of people got shafted so that some connected people could make a boatload of money.

    (note: I catered that last sentence to conform to the PG-rating of this blog. You would not have permitted my original permutation.)

    1. It is a tremendous improvement to the neighborhood. I was stunned at how much nicer the area looks and and how well the center fits into the place it sits.

      Some people may not have gotten the compensation due them for their property. If so, that is bad. I wish they would. It doesn't change the fact the center is wonderful, and will be enjoyed by millions of people each year.

      The Sistine Chapel is a marvel, despite the fact that the Pope who commissioned it probably did some bad things.

    2. And note: I am not saying, "The Barclay's Center is wonderful, therefore it was OK to screw some small landowners." No, I am saying, "Screwing any screwed landowners was wrong. Nevertheless, the Barclay's Center is wonderful."


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