Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Holidays Are the Season of Forgetting

Forgetting diary:

Brooklyn, Tuesday, Nov. 20: Forgot my hat, somewhere.
Brooklyn, Thursday, Nov. 22: Forgot to pack socks, sweats, and flip flops. Forgot the salsa on top of the refrigerator.
Norwalk, Thursday, Nov. 22: Stopped to see my cousin. Forgot to get the other hat that I forgot at her house when I last stopped there, one year ago.
Georgetown, CT, Thursday, Nov. 22: Stopped to see former co-blogger TT Tom. Forgot to get $80 from him for concert ticket.
Old Wethersfield, Thursday, Nov. 22: Dinner with my family. Forgot pyrex dish in which I had brought the stuffing.
Southbury, Friday, Nov. 23: Forgot something in the hotel. Not sure what yet, but I know I'll find out soon.
Milford, PA, Sunday, Nov. 25: Forgot to bring drill back to Brooklyn.

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