Good Thing iPhones Get Warm

I was working for a while in the woods today. The work done, I came back to my house and made a phone call. The call done, I moved the phone from my ear to look at it, and there, crawling across the screen, was a big ole tick.

I assume they are attracted by body heat. The phone must have been just a bit warmer than me, and seemed the juicier target to the little blighter.


  1. Anonymous7:27 PM

    It's the government!

    1. My phone is the government? The fact it gets warm is caused by the government? That tick was from the government?

      (I know your post was a joke, but you didn't think that would stop me from over-analyzing it, did you?)

  2. Was it one of these bad boys?

    1. I think not, but it would hardly matter: I have already contracted Lyme disease twice, so I don't think a third time would really make much of a difference!


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