Liberalism and Christianity

(And, of course, by "liberalism" the author means here the full gamut of liberalism's children, from socialism to libertarianism):

The logic to which liberalism tends is to dismiss [the] moral content [of its Christian roots] and replace [the] “objective” morality, held as valid by the different Christian churches, by a formal morality of “reciprocity” or “respect” by all of the “individuality” of all. To choose a crucial illustration, it is impossible for a society claiming to be in the Christian tradition to admit that the right to abortion be written into law, and it is impossible for a liberal society to refuse members this right. -- Pierre Manent

Hat-tip Dreher.


  1. Or some underlying morality inherent in the human condition was naturally incorporated into Christianity, and liberalism just pulled out the more fundamental points.

    1. Well, except historically, we can see that's not what happened.

      Manent is a liberal, by the way, not a Christian, as far as I know.

  2. There are many libertarians who extend the respect of all individuals to the unborn. Inasmuch as behavioral norms allow defense of others, it's perfectly reasonable to suggest that a society of such libertarians would indeed refuse its members that "right".

    1. It's Manent's opinion. I just thought the quote was interesting, not necessarily 100% correct.


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