What is it with people and getting the "best" parking spot? I understand if it is pouring rain, or you have a broken leg, that it is good to get your car close to where you are going.

But: I knew an older couple who would spend five or ten minutes driving around the mall looking for a space in the row or two closest to the building. The thing is... they were only going to the mall to go for a walk! Another friend will pass many spaces that would add a one minute walk to a building, instead driving for two or three minutes looking for a spot... yet she runs several miles a day. So it was worth two minutes of driving to avoid one minute of walking, when later in the day you are going to run many times that long to go nowhere in particular?

It is all very foreign to me. It is as though someone was giving out cash based on how good a spot you managed to secure.


  1. I suppose it's no more pointless than playing 'Tetris'.

  2. Anonymous3:31 PM

    I generally drive and park near the back. For one, there is no traffic near the back of a lot, so you can get to your desired row very quickly. And when I park, I usually pick a spot toward the back of the row. Generally, the time difference between walking from the front spot or walking from the very back spot is only about 10-20 seconds, so I'm not losing any substantial time, and I still have my feets, so walking isn't a problem for me.

    I've noticed that most people who do as I do are no bullshit people who just want to go in, get their stuff, and get out without any hassles and in the quickest fashion.

  3. True fact: I deliberately park far away from stores, so that when I get outside I can see my car and don't waste time walking around looking for my car.

  4. Yeah, that's a pet peeve of mine as well. Took me years to break my significant other of it, mostly by saying (for the nth time) "I wanted to come here to shop, not to cruise."

  5. Tom, Joe, Bob: You are men after my own heart. But I guess I should really keep quite about this, huh? Otherwise our favorite end of the parking lot will start to become crowded!

    1. Anonymous5:42 PM

      It doesn't matter. It is like a neurological tick, you can tell them about it, but that isn't going to stop it.


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