It's an Epidemic!

The radio announcer was droning on about the latest "front" in the drug war, the "epidemic" of crystal meth use. Describing this in terms of an "epidemic" is an interesting strategy: it's the invasion of some alien factor from totally outside our society -- a microbe of some sort -- that has mysteriously chosen this moment to strike. The rising use of crystal meth has nothing to do with anything actually occurring in our society, for instance, the drug war itself. And there's no one behind that curtain.


  1. I'm all in against the drug war, but could you explain its connection to the rise of crystal meth use?

    1. The idea -- which I think is fairly well backed -- is that prohibitions make more prevalent harder versions of the banned substances. So, in prohibition, people bootlegged gin and other hard liquors -- you wanted as high a dollar amount in as small a package as possible -- avoid detection and all. Similarly, people in the Andes chew cocaine leaves. But they would be really bulky to get into the US. So we get more concentrated, potent stimulants.


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