A Remarkably Bad Strategy

I have  sometimes heard from female abortion advocates (I, by the way, am anti-abortion, but think it would probably be a bad idea to make it illegal at present) that, as a man, I should just shut up about abortion, since it is none of my business.

This is a very bad idea, from their own point of view: Support for partial-birth abortion, third trimester abortions, and abortions done purely because of inconvenience of the pregnancy is far higher among men than among women. So if men "just shut up" on abortion issues (and presumably voting is a way of "speaking" about them), then the odds are a good bit higher that there will be legal restrictions on these practices.


  1. Not necessarily. In the eyes of most "pro-choice" advocates, it really is a matter of having a choice, not a preference for terminating pregnancies. According to gallup polls, slightly more women are pro-choice than men (in America), but I'd imagine that having a potential human being inside you is a significant mental and physical inhibitor on actually wanting that kind of an uncomfortable (and in many cases, shameful) procedure. It doesn't follow that women would thus more likely restrict other women's choices.

    1. Watoosh, here a bunch of polls that generally show gender-differences for support for legalized abortion to be within the margin of error, although often MEN are slightly more supportive.

      But, for the issues I listed, I believe the polling was about legality. However, I can no longer find the poll in the time I have at the moment, so I'll have to concede you may be right.


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