How I Pick My Blogroll

The first thing is, it is my own quick link list: those are the blogs I find a like to check in on often. But while perusing it, I noticed something else: I use it to challenge my own thought from different sides every day. Brad DeLong and Daniel Kuehn are to the left of me. Roderick Long and Bob Murphy are more in favor of "everything run by markets." Rod Dreher is more religiously orthodx than am I; Andrew Sullivan, less. The Front Porch Republic people are more localist than me, the Postmodern Conservative crowd more internationalist. And so on.

By clicking around this list, I can get my position challenged by intelligent people coming at it from a dozen different angles. What a great thing!


  1. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Murphy, Wenzel and Rockwell are probably the only guys blogs that I visit in which I mostly agree with their perspective, whereas the rest of the numerous sites that I visit are by people I just haven't convinced yet. LOL

    Seriously, if I wanted constant reinforcement of my views, then I'd visit my mother every couple of hours; according to her I'm never wrong.

  2. Yeah, I my RSS feed is similarly diverse - though in different areas. The only feed out of dozens that I stopped following was Krugman's.

  3. Where are your anarchist bloggers? I know you read some, I found my way to your blog through a comment you made at one.


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