Strauss Under the Gun

I have read almost no Strauss. But my friend Ken McIntyre has, and doesn't like what he has read anymore than does Paul Gottfried. Nice quote from the end of the review:

"Finally, regarding the phenomenon of Straussianism, the cult took hold here for the same reasons that cults generally succeed in the U.S.: ignorance, inexperience, and a desire to have a simple answer to complex problems."


  1. Thanks for the link. I wish Gottfried's bitterness didn't dominate his writing so much, because he's got alot of important things to say. I looked up the rest of that exchange between Strauss and Voegelin you posted a part of the other day. I think his part provides some relevant insight into his character.

    On a tangential note, is there more than one way in which the term historicism is meant? I've understood it to mean the idea that events and ideas must be seen in their full historical context to be properly understood and appreciated. Yet the article lists it as one of Strauss' betes noires. I can see how universalism would conflict with historicism, but for a person who seeks to understand the true intent of dead philosophers the context in which they wrote would seem to be important. I've been confused by how people use the word before.


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