What's All This, Then?

I headed down to my Brooklyn local, B61, last night to watch the Celtics play the Seventysixers. From half-a-block away I heard a huge cheer go up. "Man," I thought, "there are a lot of Celtics fans out tonight!"

However, I walked in, and no! The game isn't on at all. Instead, everyone is staring up at some sort of "spectacle on ice," like the Icecapades or something. Except in this show, it was all guys, and they had all been given bent sticks that they kept waving around.

Does anyone know what this was all about?


  1. Was it a convention of Keynesian economists ?

  2. Do they skate around carrying sticks at their conventions?

  3. I've never been to one but it sounds like the kind of thing they might do.


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