How to Tell Business Owners They Have a Problem...

and be thanked, rather than met with resistance: Speak in a really low voice when you describe the problem. Even if you and the owner are the only ones there. This has worked every time I have tried it. What I try to convey with the lowered volume is, "Hey, I'm not a complaining customer: I'm a friend, trying to alert you to a problem before those annoying customer types pick up on it."


  1. I always do that and it usually works. There was, however, one time when I spoke to an owner quietly about an issue I had with a product and he went ballistic. Apparently he had a reputation for poor customer service, rudeness, and high prices. His shop closed down the next year. Felt good.

  2. Gene, we can't discuss this here, but there's something I need to talk to you about, concerning your recent defection from libertarianism... Shh! I don't want anyone else to hear me.


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