Bad Movie Searches #6 & 15

OK, tonight's movie is The Client -- I'm justifying my recent spate of movie watching by listening to them all in French, BTW -- and I saw Susan Sarandon do something that has always bothered me, i.e., the 'movie search'. In this 'search, you go into a room took look for, say, a file, and execute the 'search' by randomly heaving things around the room and spilling the contents of boxes all over the place.

Is this a likely way to find something? Has anyone out there ever seen anyone search for things in such a fashion in real life? I never have. So why do people always search like this in movies?


  1. I thought you were going to say she sat at a computer and started "searching" for stuff. I hate how this is portrayed in movies. Is the software a gift from the future?

  2. I've wondered about this too. Whenever burglars or police executing a search warrant do this, I always wonder if it wouldn't be more efficient to find what they were looking for if they didn't have to make such a mess all the time. I inevitably conclude that they must be doing it just to be pricks. Which I guess is sort of the M.O for both burglars and police in movies.

  3. I think the NFL theorems apply here.


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