Self-ownership revisited

In response to Gene's response to my response to a short novel I read, "Dirty Weekend" by [I think I remember, book no longer in hand] Helen Zawhiri: I left Gene a phone message that I had come across a short, interesting paragraph on ownership of self that I thought might interest libertarians. The novel is about a weak, unlucky woman who, she thinks on p.17, is incapable of any real self-defense, and, realizing that you can only own what you can defend, surrenders to the knowledge that she cannot own herself, but is in fact anyone's property for the taking. (Happily, she wakes up one particularly miserable morning to the realization that she has quite simply had enough, and spends the weekend murdering men, all of whom clearly deserve it.)


  1. [She] spends the weekend murdering men, all of whom clearly deserve it.

    Do you mean all of the men she murders deserved it, or that all men deserve to be murdered?

  2. The author definitely means (a), and definitely is open to the possibility of (b).

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