Ethanol Lobbyists: Friends of the Taxpayer

You know how ethanol is great because it keeps gas prices down (.pdf)? Well did you also know that there is currently a 54-cent per gallon tariff on imported ethanol? You might think this is pure protectionism for the ethanol industry, but apparently not, according to their spokesman:

“We simply believe American taxpayers ought not to have to further subsidize Brazil’s or any other nation’s ethanol industry when we are trying to build one in this nation. The tariff is there to protect the taxpayer, not the ethanol producer.”

(BTW he is referring to the fact that right now, U.S. refiners get a 51-cent exemption on excise taxes for blending ethanol gallons into their output. So without the tariff, the refiners would naturally get the ethanol [to claim the tax credit, and also to comply with federal mandates on how many gallons of ethanol need to be in the mix] as cheaply as possible, say from Brazil.)


  1. I think that the problem is not ethanol, but cheap and good sugar from Brazil and Colombia.

  2. Right, I was mostly focusing on the hypocrisy of the RFA guy.

    And what about cheap and good cocaine from Colombia? Government messes with that too.

  3. Andre Kenji10:49 PM

    Yes, most of these people are tremendous hypocrites.

    And cocaine, there is that too.

    But I don´t know if Brazilian ethanol could supply energy to balance the US needs. On the other hand, imported sugar would simply end syrup use on industrialized food.

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