Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pair Share II

==> (0, 0), (2, 2), (7/4, 7/3), (-2, 2/3), (-1/4, 1/5), (1.001,1001.0).

What do all these pairs of numbers have in common? Only grade-school mathematics required.

Numeration is decimal (the conventional way).

Answer: All these pairs have equal sum and product. Here are equivalent formulations:

a> ==> m+n = mn.

b> ==> (m-1)(n-1) = 1

c> ==> m = a/b, n = a/c, where a = b+c.

Stay tuned for more on Fibonacci numbers and their ilk. Or maybe not...this hasn't been a good week for math posts. I understand that youall might be fresh out of intelligent comments, but that never stopped me when addressing your posts. What about woefully stupid comments? I don't see any of those either. Oh, well.


  1. Dear Wabulon, if you can find a way to attack Ron Paul with a math problem, you'll get lots of comments.

  2. What is it with Ron Paul, anyhoo??

  3. Sorry Wabulon I have been coming to Crash Landing lately to relax. Your posts require too much concentration when I'm in a lazy mood.

  4. Dear Bob, Don't they have amphetamine where you live??


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