Batman Question

I am going to tuck this question as the first comment on the post. (I don't want to give a spoiler to the movie.)


  1. The M&A lawyer who gets in Morgan Freeman's face with the schematics for the Batmobile etc... Did that guy think Bruce Wayne was Batman, or simply that Wayne Enterprises was building his stuff? Because it's certainly possible they were equipping some other guy (maybe an ex-Delta Force guy or something) with the Bat gadgets.

    Also, beyond what the guy "really" would have known, even in terms of the movie's dialog, did he explicitly say he thought it was Bruce Wayne?

    If not, I think Morgan Freeman's funny answer actually gave it away.

  2. The guy's guess was that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

  3. I don't remember the guy saying that Batman was Bruce Wayne. All he had were the plans for the tumbler, so how would he known it was Bruce Wayne? It would actually be a lot more likely, from his perspective, that Wayne Enterprise was simply funding and supplying Batman.

  4. I agree Pepe that the movie wanted you to think the guy was saying he thought it was Bruce Wayne. But strictly speaking, I don't think he ever said that; it was just, "What are you building for him now?" etc.

    And if they *did* have him say Wayne's name, then I think that was an unjustified leap on his part, unless he found other documents that made it obvious it was Wayne.

  5. I interpreted it the way Ben Osborne did. I'm not sure what the screenwriters were thinking when they wrote that scene, but the way I would interpret the lawyer's words and actions was that he assumed Wayne Enterprises was funding Batman and they knew who he was, and the lawyer didn't necessarily go farther than that (at least at that time). Morgan Freeman's answer struck me as giving away more, and giving the guy more ideas, than hiding information or diverting the guy from the truth.

    Though, you could say that Morgan Freeman's character found it impossible to deny that they had the blueprints for the Batmobile (and the capability of producing it), so instead of denying the obvious, he decided to go on the offensive, ridiculing and discouraging the guy by pointing out how foolish he would look accusing Bruce Wayne of being Batman.

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