The FBI Is So So Bad

Folks, if you haven't been following this stuff with Bruce Ivins, I strongly encourage you to read this Glenn Greenwald article. It is really bad. The FBI leaked what seemed to be a damning fact about Ivins' leaving work one day, but then bloggers pointed out that the fact actually gave Ivins an airtight alibi (for that day). So then a week or so later, the FBI leaked a different story, saying Ivins mailed the letters the next day (compared to their original theory that bloggers had debunked the previous week).

And mind you, this changing of their basic theory as to how he actually mailed the packages--a fairly important part of their case against him, you would think--occurred after they had scared him to death (presumably) by telling him he was going to be charged with killing those people, and basically ruining his life.

What's really creepy--as GG emphasizes--is how the press just keeps reporting whatever the latest "details" are in the FBI's leaked case, without even acknowledging that the theory of Ivins' guilt changed very crucially within the space of a week, and only after critics pointed out inconsistencies in the original theory.

I'm not saying the FBI is covering up a false flag operation or whatever. But they picked their guy (for whatever reason), and now they are doing everything they possibly can to convince the public that Ivins was guilty.

Isn't it depressing that we have to sit around and speculate as to just how awful the FBI really is--i.e. where the best explanation is that "OK maybe they just jumped the gun and are now covering up their screwup since the guy killed himself"--rather than this agency actually, you know, using its millions of dollars and investigative powers to find the real killer(s)??

Now I know I link to GG a lot, but really, if you follow any link I give you this month, try this one. It's just a great great article.


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