"You're Two Hours Late...

and now dinner is ruined."

I hear something like that quite often on TV shows. And you know what's funny? I cook a lot, and yet I've never had occasion to say that to anyone. Why? Because I stop cooking the food when it's done, not when the other person shows up. Then, if they still haven't shown up, I put it in a Tupperware and in the fridge. What are these people on TV cooking all the time, soufflés?


  1. You've never cooked for me. Am I always too late?

  2. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Great observation, Gene.

    Completely off-topic: I just discovered a bunch of recordings from FEE, and your three talks (on natural science, history of political though, and environmental issues) were superb!


  3. Thanks Araglin. The second versions of the first two are even better.

    And Bob, I'm pretty sure you're wrong -- didn't I cook dinner for you, Rachael Anne, Wabulon, Jeremy and Luis in Brooklyn once?

  4. Hmm, maybe, but I thought maybe Elen did all the work while you drank.

  5. Anonymous11:14 PM

    Must have been a memorable dish. Eh, Bob?

  6. I totally agree. And howsabout the fsct that they never EAT the food in movies: it just sits there, or they put one spoonfull in their mouths and then there is a cut to a different scene? Not to mention not drinking their wine. Arggh!


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