As I Was Mentioning

As Patrick Deneen notes, the HHS mandate is a perfect example of liberalism's drive to impose liberal values on everyone:

"From its earliest articulation, liberalism has set its sights on the rout of Catholic Christendom. Liberalism was fundamentally animated by a deep philosophical and theological objection to Catholicism – and, until recent times, vice-versa. Debate over the HHS mandate should be understood in its broadest context: the longstanding effort to wholly remake society in the image and likeness of liberal philosophy. That philosophy holds at its core that humans are by nature free, autonomous and independent, bound only by positive law that seeks to regulate physical behavior that results in physical harm to others (and, increasingly, selves). Liberal people should not be bound by any limitation upon their natural freedom that does not cause harm (mainly physical harm) to another human; otherwise, the State should be indifferent ('neutral') to any claims regarding the nature of the 'the Good.'"

One might think these liberal values are the right values, and should be imposed on those, like the Catholic heirarchy, that reject them. Just don't pretend this isn't imposing one's own morals on others!


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