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* Did you know there are bot nets, managed by bot herders? One has been discovered that contains 4 million computers.

* Very good post from Mario Rizzo on rationality.

* By the way, I am available for editing work. (I have been professionally editing for a globally circulated magazine for the last four years, but I've decided to try to pick up more work like this.)


  1. Anonymous4:22 PM


    Where do you think the idea of cloud computing came from? Many of the earliest forms of malware were written for distributive computing, which explains the incentive for malware in the first place-- distributive computing through theft (or, vice versa).

    Sure, there were plenty people writing malware to just plain screw with other people, but most were looking to steal resources as a means for their own aims. This is not limited to computing power, it also includes the stealing of information.

    A botnet and a cloud are almost identical, the only difference being that one is agreed upon through contract and law, the other disregards both law and contract (it is criminal).


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