Wednesday, February 22, 2012


My friend was on his porch, talking to a naturalist who was over for lunch. She mentioned hummingbirds, and he said, "Well, we don't have them in Connecticut," he never having seen one in his life.

She pointed over his should and said, "Well, then, what is that?" He turned, and there was the first and only hummingbird he has ever seen.


My wife had just parked the car, and asked me to fold in the side-view mirror. I started to say, "Really, is that necessary -- have you ever actually seen..." when, there on the ground, I saw the completely smashed up side-view mirror of a Mercedes parked behind us, the first and only time I have seen one actually taken off of a parked car.


  1. Are you saying a hummingbird took out that Mercedes' mirror? That's incredible, no wonder it's only happened once.

  2. when the car is parked "It's not even hit-and-run. The guy was driving so fast he didnt notice he took of that mirror" (my neighbour remark about similar even last week)


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