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The Last Psychiatrist writes about the guy who shot his kid's computer:

'"Kids today are so goddam spoiled.  When I was their age I had to work, now all they do is play video games..."

'Who bought them the video game?  What did you think they were going to do with it?  Trade it for a calculus tutor?'

What happens when you try to avoid saying a taboo word.

The sexual division of labor appears to go as far back in human history as we look, and to have existed everywhere. But, if you've got a hold of an ideology that says it's not a good idea, then out with it!


  1. Professor Callahan.

    Some words on the man who shot his "kid's" computer.

    You speak of a man called Tommy Jordan. 10 minutes search on the internet would tell you that:


    There is no daughter named Hannah. There is no job in IT. Tommy Jordan actually married his veterinarian wife very recently. Their marriage has not gone long enough to bear a 15-year old child. Jordan is a clerk at his PhD wife's clinic. His wife is the breadwinner. He uses her surplus income to dabble in various schemes, from writing books to attempting to run an internet business. His last attempt at a moneymaking scheme was a book on cloud-computing, despite him not having any specialist knowledge on computer science.

    Tommy Jordan posted on his Facebook wall about a plan to use a viral video to sell ad space and make money. He needed one new quick money scheme after past ones failed. A week later, this video surfaces. Now, the video has 26 million views.

    And Tommy Jordan just started selling ad space on his video.

    The whole video says less about parenting (the man has never been a parent to any child) and more about Balloon Boy style attention whoring.

  2. re: "The sexual division of labor appears to go as far back in human history as we look, and to have existed everywhere."

    Just like slavery and wars of conquest!

    Is and ought, sir. Is and ought.

  3. That all may be true, Prateek. But the quote from TLP was good anyway!

  4. "Just like slavery and wars of conquest!"

    True, if not for the fact that slavery and wars of conquest are much, much more recent!

    But, in any case, from "We should be cautious about overturning longstanding customs" it does not follow that "We must never, ever overturn longstanding customs."

    "Is and ought, sir. Is and ought."

    Oddly enough, the very man who formulated the false idea that one can't derive an ought from an is turned instead, for support for morality, to... tradition!

  5. Prateek, I searched for a while, and what I see is one guy who posted a video claiming the original video was a fake. Why do you believe him? Have you looked up the marriage records for Jordan? Have you called the clinic where he supposedly works? If not, you are being just as credulous as those who automatically believed the first video!

    In any case, for the purposes of this post, it is neither here nor there: TLP's post was mostly about the public reaction to the original video, and thus the authenticity of that video is beside the point.

  6. And Prateek, TLP wrote this: "Here is a thought experiment: how would you feel if you found out this video was a hoax?"

    He explicitly acknowledged this possibility. It didn't matter for the points he was making.

  7. Prateek, if you keep researching, you'll find the very links the guy with the pipe sends us to show:

    1) Jordan has a daughter named Hannah; and
    2) Works in IT for the veterinary clinic.

    But, of course, the veterinary clinic web site itself could be a hoax!


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