I Know What I'm Getting Daniel Kuehn for Christmas


  1. :-D

    But it's not a personality cult. Nope. Can't be. That's what people who vote for Obama are involved in.

  2. Damn it - I should use the google machine before I post things like that: http://www.jailbreaktoys.com/The_Obama_Action_Figure_p/ob000.htm


  3. You looked, didn't you?

  4. Hopefully when he receives it he can shove it right in his... collection of cool action figures. Yeah! That's the ticket.

    It's all good. Daniel's still cool in my book, I just don't think that it is a good idea (in many cases) for he and I to discuss foreign policy and war. We're like fire and ice on such topics.

  5. I imagine my conditions for talking civilly about war are much the same as yours, Joseph.

    We both hold our positions because we don't like aggression, and neither of us appreciates the insinuation that we are pro-aggression. Right?


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