Why Mention Him?

For some reason, at the end of her halftime show, Madonna put up Ron Artest's new name in big lights! Maybe they're going out or something.


  1. Joseph, you really made me laugh, but... I think I'm NOT going to put that one out. You understand, right?

  2. Yup! It was more for your own amusement than anything else.

    Since you don't have any other means of contact, I will often post comments (for your approval) that don't necessarily need to be posted. It's your blog so you are the final arbiter of that, however, I think that it is usually pretty clear which posts of mine are meant for general display and which are not.

    As for that last one, yeah. That one can sit on the sideline. After all, I would not want to tarnish my otherwise exemplary record of (ahem) top-notch comments. LOL

  3. Joseph, it certainly did amuse me. But, should you ever need to contact me, my email address is trivial to find via Google.

  4. I'm too busy bugging the hell out of Murphy. Ha!


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