Know Your Gnostics

Is now available online.

Tell me what you think of my handling of the gnostic issue, PS Huff.


  1. I haven't read your article, but Brad Birzer (a cool prof at Hillsdale) talked it up on Facebook, so it must be good...

  2. "We can still use his term 'Gnostic' while acknowledging, as he did, its questionable historical connection to ancient Gnosticism."

    Yeah, that seems fair. I would drop the capital G, though.

    By the day, I love the play on words in the title.

  3. "By the day, I love the play on words in the title."

    But by night he hates it! :-)

    In any case, you must compliment my esteemed editor, Dan McCarthy, on the title. My titles generally suck.

  4. "I haven't read your article..."

    Bob, you read it months before it was published!


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