My Dollars Is Fluctuatin!

Aah! Bob Murphy posted a comment here, I realized what I thought was Kling's statement is a statement he is attributing to goldbugs! My arguments were all OK, but they shouldn't have been directed against Kling!

So, a big oops.


  1. Well Gene regardless of how this turns out, you and I have Kling pinned down under our crossfire. I took Kling to be attributing the silly view (about needing a constant dollar) to the goldbugs, and I criticized Kling for thinking they would hold such a silly view.

    You interpreted Kling to himself hold such a silly view.

    Gene-da, think of what we can do, together! Unlimited...together we're, unlimited...Together we'll be the greatest team there's ever been, Gene-da....

  2. Oops, you are exactly right -- Kling was attributing that to goldbugs. I was mistaken.


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