You Know What Really Sucks?

Not only was there a famous philosopher named Berkeley, there is also a city named Berkeley. And that city has a university in it. And that university has a prolific publishing house.

So when you search JStor for papers with "Berkeley" in the full text, you get a lot of false positives.


  1. I like to think that UC Berkeley exists only in the imagination.

  2. I hate this! It happens when you google "Keynes" too. All kinds of stuff on Milton Keynes and Skandar Keynes pop up.

    I have noticed that it's gotten better on my computer because the search algorithm directs me towards J.M. Keynes, because it knows what I've searched on in the past. But on a public computer it can be bad.

    I have to say - that's usually not as big of a problem on journal searches.


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