I Transform Airport Security

I was going through the security line in Belfast when I saw that my backpack had been pulled aside. There was a small sign next to where it sat, reading "Your bag has been selected for additional searching."

When the airport security fellow arrived, to a group of very grumpy looking people awaiting their bags, I said, "Listen, you could be facing a much happier crowd down here. What you do is this: everyone whose bag is selected, put them in a drawing for a new Jaguar. Then, people will be anxious to get the additional screening."

All security procedures could be connected with a similar chance of a prize. What do you think?


  1. Anonymous11:43 AM

    I don't fly anymore, but if I did, I think that would definitely make me a bit less disgruntled (if selected). I don't know about happy... At least, not unless I won the Jag.

  2. Heck, just give them $100. The one not smiling is the one trying to hide something... or the one with the earliest flight.

  3. How about just letting each individual airline choose its own level of security ?

    Passengers could then choose based upon a combination of price / safety/ hassle at the airport / other factors.

    Perhaps some airlines might even implement your suggestion.


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