What De Heck Is Up with Google?

I am in PA, in the woods, and have only iPhone access to the Internet. I'm trying to approve your comments, but it is simply impossible on an iPhone. I see a link called "Publish," but when I touch it, the screen flashes, and then returns to exactly the same state it was in before I "clicked" on the link. When I try to check the comment's "choose" boxes, thinking maybe I can publish your comments in a batch, the screen again flashes, buy the box isn't then checked.

Jeez, this is Google, one of the wealthiest technology companies in the world. Why can't they get their iPhone interface correct?


  1. Generally speaking, it takes a lot of money to make a *really* bad website. Wealth opens up a lot of possibilities.

    1. But the iPhone version is so much WORSE: that's what really puzzles me. It's almost as though no one at Google had thought to try it to see if it works!

    2. Yeah, don't use an iphone. Problem solved.


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