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Dear home and garden answer man, is there a risk that the rocks in my fire pit might burn up during a hot fire? -- Worried in PA

Dear worried in PA, no there isn't. However, there is a great risk that they might explode. Yours truly, "One-eyed" Callahan


  1. Anonymous6:40 PM

    LOL, that's hilarious. I've had that happen to me but it mostly just scared the crap out of me. PA has a decent amount of sandstone, so be weary of those, they will almost always explode when subjected to too much heat. Stick to the harder, denser rocks.

    I've done some work with furnace maintenance/rebuilds at steel mills. Sometimes, when a particular job is coming to an end (and there are half-batches or extras) I've seen guys get together and make forms to pour in refractory cement to custom build their own fire pits. Getting the things out of there, onto a truck, and into somebody's backyard is a different story; thus the teamwork.


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