Self-Refuting Sign?

As I drive to work I pass a billboard that reads "The Loss of This Billboard Cost NYC Jobs and Money."

But it's not lost: there it is, right by the roadside. It's not even unused: It is displaying the above message. What does it all mean?


  1. Normally I "get" what the people meant in your anecdotes, but this one genuinely puzzles me.

  2. Perhaps it was lost at some point in the past and had the effects mentioned on the billboard.

    But luckily now they have found it again.

  3. One idea: Could it be the city stopped the owner from renting it out, but for first amendment reasons couldn't stop him from putting up his own message complaining about the situation?

  4. I've been puzzled that sign for a long time, but I think this is what they are talking about.


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