They expect us to believe anything, don't they?

The surviving terror suspect from Boston says their attacks were motivated by "US wars." What a joke! Foreigners love being bombed by the US: That is not even a possible motive for an attack on us.


  1. I bet he was just a close Ron Paul supporter, and Paul asked him to do this bombing, survive and pretend later on that he did it because of US foreign policy to lend the ludicrous non-sequitur theory of blow-back some credibility...

    Regarding your island example I have to admit that I misunderstood your example to a certain degree or better said in what direction the argument is used. I apologize. I dismissed that approach because I thought and still think it is the wrong way to look at it, and is neither analogous of what happened in the past and even if then it would still not justify any of the policies favored by Keynesians.

    Though I have to become clearer about that and when I have finally made up my mind about this and feel that I can express it accordingly I will get back to you. Else you were just right!


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