In the Wake of Boston...

Ann Coulter said that women should be arrested for wearing hijabs.

So please, tell me how I was wrong to caution against overreacting to Boston again?

HT to Ken for the spelling fix.


  1. Does she think they should get Miranda warnings?

    Nothing Ann Coulter says shocks me. I am shocked at the number of people I know who think the lockdown was an appropriate response, not a bizarre and worryingly hysterical over-reaction.

  2. Oh - if by that you simply meant that Ann Coulter would say something stupid I never would have disagreed with you.

    I thought you were implying something more.

    1. By the way, I didn't get a chance to reply to your comment in that earlier post. It seemed you believed my thinking went, "If car accidents [say] kill 100 times the people of terrorist attacks, they must receive 100 times the policy attention."

      No. I recognize your point on public order: a crime is a breach of order in a way that an accident is not. (Although that not washing hands business IS a dereliction of duty.)

      I was warning of the hysterical reactions like the lock down and the whole Fox News crew. (You saw Jon Stewart on this, right?)


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